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Crypto Party Reveals How You Can…

Earn Money With Cryptocurrency

The simplified guide for beginners to building financial freedom with Crypto, just requires only 30 minutes a day....

Limited Copies Available

A $19 Value - Yours FREE!


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"I read the guide and purchased my first crypto within minutes.  Fantastic guide for beginners and easy to read."


Over 10,000 beginners have downloaded our guide and purchased their first profitable Crypto

Wondering What's Inside?

Here’s Just a Few Samples of What You’ll Discover Inside This Free Ebook...


You will learn where bitcoin came from and how it's used, I also dive into the different Altcoins and how you can profit from them.


I go into detail on my first Crypto purchases and how I made over 120% on my investments, I highlight what Cryptos they are!

Best Tools

The questions I get asked most, what are the best exchanges to use, I answer this and provide tools to help you become an expert.

About The Author

Meet James Cryptocurrency Teacher

Over 7 years ago when I was first figuring this stuff out, I ran into a big roadblock. I didn’t know how to invest properly, so I had to create a plan for myself to learn this technology. When I fully engulfed myself in research and invested myself in learning from experts, it changed my life. I now see what amazing opportunities there are in this space and I want to share them with you.
You can choose to ignore this or you can take action now and be part of the 1% before full adoption takes place.

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Limited Copies Available

A $19 Value - Yours FREE!



If you want knowledge on Cryptocurrency then this book is a must read, I also like the content on how money was formed, didn't learn that in school.

Francis Ford, Portland OR

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